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About Us

In 1969 when plan printers were scarce in Australia, Cairns Plan Printing Services was purchased by Phil Matthew from Mrs. Mary Callow. Since we are currently unable to determine when Mrs. Callow originally opened the business, we date the inception of CPPS from 1969 - so that still makes us the longest-established copying and plan printing company in Far North Queensland.

The one-operator shop was squeezed into a tiny three-by-two metre office on the second floor of the T&G Building in Abbott Street. When two customers arrived at the same time, one had to wait in the hallway!

The business moved into the office of Keith Hollands Shipping Co, formerly the Adelaide Steamship Company Building. The print shop was equipped with an OCE dyeline printer and a Blueray 842 ammonia printer for reducing plan prints. The Blueray exuded excess ammonia fumes and at the end of a day’s printing, the air could be cut with a knife.

Cairns Typing and Duplication Services was purchased in 1971, and the expanded business moved again to the Starr Bowkett building in Lake Street. An increased demand for plan printing by developers and builders led to a further relocation to Sheridan Street. More staff were added to keep up with the workload.

Business boomed and soon the company occupied the entire building, and with the addition of a (since sold) stationery business, in 1984 the company moved once more – this time to 59 McLeod Street.

Alf Newberry joined in 1988 as a partner, bringing technical expertise and allowing the business to start colour plotting and computerised graphics. The business now has the capability of producing short-run jobs that previously would have required the services of an offset printer or a signwriter. In early 2001, Alf completed the purchase of the company from Phil. The company is now owned by Alf's son Trent and his wife Felice.

This company has grown with Cairns over the years. We are a local company, totally owned by Cairns residents. As one of our customers said "You’ve got all the latest gear, and an old-fashioned North Queensland attitude. It’s great!" What more could you ask for?

We offer a design consultation service. Want a brochure or a flyer, but don’t know how to get started? Ask us, we can help you! Not sure what can be done to preserve the ancient photos of Aunt Maude? We can do it for you! And we've been doing it for 50 years...