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    Colour Copying & Printing, Digital Printing

We have several colour copier/printers, enabling high speed copying of your originals or high speed printing of your digital files. We can download photographs from your digital camera and send them straight to the printer. Some of the copiers are capable of detecting if a job has a combination of colour and black & white pages, and printing them correctly "colour for colour" (subject to the vagaries of the way Microsoft, Adobe and others prepare documents incorrectly!)

Preferred file format is always Adobe PDF, but we can handle Word, InDesign, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint, jpg, tif, eps, wmf, psd etc etc

Black & White Copying

Of course one of the main things we do is black & white copying. These days, the equipment we use is capable of a multiplicity of operations. Once a job has been copied, it can be stapled, folded or made into a booklet without ever taking it out of the copier. Or we can punch holes in your job for insertion in a ring binder. Cover sheets can be added, blank pages inserted, and books assembled. All the copiers are on line, and can be controlled from the computers so that they act as printers.


We do plastic spiral, plastic comb, wire, fastback (heat-glued) plus other types of binding.

Plan Printing

At Cairns Plan Printing we originally got our name because we were the first to carry out plan printing. The department has a plan printer, and a wide format colour scanner for scanning large (huge!) documents. We even scanned a wall in half-scale once, then printed it out in full size...

Art Reproduction & Photo Printing

Cairns Plan Printing has been supplying high quality art reproductions to local artists in the Far North for some time, and has justly earned a reputation for colour accuracy. We are capable of printing on plain paper, coated paper, gloss paper, artist's canvas, rag fine art paper, watercolour paper and several other media, we also produced the flag carried by Paul Hockey to the top of Mount Everest. We use a Hewlett Packard wide high performance wide format inkjet.